CBV Datanet bringing together the best in IT and Audio Visual Solutions

We Simplify technology, by getting rid of all complexities that surround technology, with a major emphasis placed on being environmentally friendly.

Over the years, the lines between IT and audio-visual have blurred, so that many of the skill sets in the former have become relevant in AV.

Clive and his colleagues have the insight and expertise to come up with a best-in-class solution for all your technological requirements.

CBV Datanet’s highly trained team will bring you
‘the clean look’

Improvements in internet speed and innovations in structured cabling means the days of endless wires trailing through your space in the office or at home are a thing of the past.

We believe in simplifying technology. We can bring all of your tech together on one remote control – even for systems that are in different rooms.

We call it “the clean look”, whereby all your technology is simplified, your space is de-cluttered and you have extra room in which to live and move.

Our team of five engineers, dressed in company uniform and driving a spotless CBV Datanet branded vans, will give you confidence that you are getting a service that is right for you.

How many Remote controls did you use to watch the World Cup?