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Professional Racing Simulator Setup & Installation

Purchasing a bespoke racing simulation is a major investment and so it is vital that a team of expert engineers carry out the installation. CBV Datanet has a team of specialist engineers and electricians to deliver a professional racing simulator setup with flawless installation. Working alongside leading suppliers of professional racing simulators, our team has the necessary experience delivering high-end gaming setups from streaming rooms, and racing simulators to dual monitor PC setups and more. Whether you are a serious gamer, streamer or professional racing simulator driver, we have the perfect solution to getting your setup installed.

Take your racing simulation experience to a whole new level with the support of CBV Datanet.

Racing Simulation Installation Experts

Our dedicated gaming division specialises in providing high-level installation for all types of gaming setups. Working alongside ambitious streamers, content creators, and professional esports athletes. The common theme is the demand for a high-level gaming experience to perform at the very best and/or provide the best viewing experience. The team at CBV Datanet have the engineering knowledge and expertise to deliver quality installation packages.

The technicians can advise upon the best technology to use and install to ensure a no-compromise solution is delivered.

racing simulator setup

Racing Simulators Components

There is a wide range of options when selecting the perfect racing simulator, this is determined by specific preferences and price range. Prices will regularly extend well into five figures. Our team focuses on installing the full frame, replica cockpits and turnkey rigs. It is also important to consider the following aspects that go into creating a professional racing simulator. Our team of experts can provide advice on each aspect and deliver an installation package to bring them all together.


The monitor or TV is a key aspect of the setup, these can vary in size, shape, and response time. A popular choice is often a three-monitor curved setup to create a virtual windshield and create an immersive experience. High-performing TVs can be a slightly cheaper alternative to ultra-fast monitors, the difference in response time can often be very minimal between the two.


Our team specialise in delivering an optimised PC integrated into your rig with custom CPUs, selecting individual components to optimise performance. This allows for ongoing upgrades when necessary, as opposed to selecting console setups.


There is a range of different software titles to choose from and selecting a PC setup rather than a console will provide more options. Here is a list of some of the most popular options for sim racers: Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, rFactor 2, and KartKraft.


Our team can help comprise and install the key components to your setup. Delivering a bespoke installation package and advice on which hardware to select from. Looking at both the technical aspects and the chassis or ‘cockpit’, selecting material, size, weight, and rigidity.

Hardware Compatibility

The CBV Dtanet team will ensure compatibility between each part so the system works flawlessly together. Looking into port, plug, connection types and structured cabling.

Tactile Feedback

Providing a realistic driving experience with ultra-lifelike physics and graphics. The very latest and best-performing racing simulators also offer unparalleled tactile realism thanks to systems that afford the user physical feedback.


With bespoke racing simulator setups, our team can provide ongoing upgrades to individual parts and components.

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