Simplifying technology for enterprise sized deployments

We particularly enjoy the challenge of procuring, installing and maintaining solutions that work for you.

Fibre Or Copper Structured Cabling Solutions

Our Enterprise cabling solutions guarantee seamless robust features, that will stand the test of time.

As well as Data/WiFi  solutions We specialise in video conferencing Solutions.

From simple phones to more complex PBX/PBAX, we have a wealth of  experience installing VOIP phone systems in  luxury homes, apartments and commercial spaces.

We understand the importance of fixed data points for faster connection speeds, and we always suggest running a minimum of 2 data-points to each location rather than a single cable for redundancy.

We don’t just think about the present, we also think of your future requirements.

Audio Visual

TVs are getting better, thinner, wider, cheaper and have tons of functionality and multiple Apps.

One of the first questions we ask our clients during our initial consultation meeting,   is whether they want centralised TV distribution or localised distribution.  Centralised is where all of the sources (Sky Boxes, Apple TVs, etc) are in a central location, Under the stairs or in a cupboard hidden away.

The advantages of centralised distribution system:

  1. No clutter in rooms because all that is required is the TV and no Sky boxes, DVD storage etc
  2. Ease of access for maintenance or servicing of kit.

The disadvantages are:

  1. It costs more than localised video distribution (ie local Sky boxes at each TV)
  2. It will require having to install a control system such as Crestron or  Control4  to control all of the sources


We employ up-to date industry standards. We use the very best enterprise grade solutions, we implement  Wi-Fi systems that create and manage a wireless network for a group of users. They support a variety of Wi-Fi standards and can be used for indoor or outdoor installations. The products we implement are user‑friendly and economical for university campuses, hotels, and shopping centres.