Professional Gaming Setup Installation

It is becoming more apparent that professional gaming and streaming is a huge business that is rapidly growing in popularity. So many gamers are trying to make it to the top level and streamers trying to set themselves apart from the competition to show off their talent and personalities. Is this a passion or career that you are pursuing? If so, CBV Datanet is here to provide with you a consultancy and professional gaming setup installation service that can give you the best possible chance to thrive in the online video gaming realm. Our service is bespoke to cater for your requirements, whether you are looking to implement a traditional gaming setup or even a racing simulator system.

Expert Technicians

CBV Datanet has the expertise to deliver a professional gaming setup installation service to your home or office. Whether you are a professional gamer, streamer, or simply a passionate gamer wanting to take your setup to the next level. The CBV Datanet expert technicians can create a unique gaming environment to support the growth of your stream and give you the best possible setup to play at the highest level. The team of technicians can deliver a bespoke package that will provide you with all the necessary technology to achieve your dream gaming setup. Play video games at the highest level and watch TV and movies in a unique environment that will support you in standing out from others. It is important to consider a dual PC setup, high-speed internet, structured cabling, soundproofing, air conditioning units, and more.

The CBV Datanet technicians can advise upon the best technology to use and install to ensure a no-compromise solution is delivered.

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Maximise Performance

Internet Connection & Structured Cabling

We all know how vital it is to have high-speed internet when trying to compete at the highest level or create a professional stream. The team can deliver wired fibre solutions with business lines to maximise speeds and avoid using WiFi. From Category 6 UTP through to Category 7A fully shielded, we can provide complete peace of mind. There is nothing worse than a stream dropping out due to poor speeds or losing frames when playing. Often this will require a structured cabling solution to make sure you have direct internet into your PCs without the mess of cables around the home or in your office.

Integrating PCs to your setup

With many of the modern games being so taxing even on high-end PCs, the majority of top streamers are now using dual PC setups to avoid a laggy gaming experience for the player and viewers. Players are using a second PC to broadcast their stream and run OBS which leaves the first PC to focus solely on achieving the highest possible frames for gaming performance. The gaming PC will have the more powerful CPU to act as the streaming system and the other with the more powerful GPU to run the games.

Remove Input Lag

A professional gaming setup is very different from a home cinema room installation. Playing on the largest high-end televisions is visually impressive but will result in input lag that needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. This is why professional gaming monitors are used to prioritise and maximise performance.

Monitor Setup

If you are looking to create the complete streaming setup then a second monitor is almost a requirement. Many streamers will even use up to four monitors to enable them to interact with viewers, watch videos and of course, play the game. It is important to consider the ports on your monitors before deciding on the best option.

Create a Unique Environment

A great way to add to a professional-looking stream is by creating a unique gaming room that is visually pleasing for viewers when using webcams. Implement smart lighting with bright colours, personalised branding, ring lights, laser lights, ceiling lights, green screens, and more. Help immerse your viewers, transport them to a new world, add personality, and set the mood.

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